Neumann Space’s Facility for Australian Space Testing on Bartolomeo (FAST:Bartolomeo) is our project to make space both accessible and affordable for small organisations. In conjunction with Airbus we’re organising a shared 100 kg payload for the Bartolomeo module of the outside of ESA’s Columbus module on the International Space Station. We are due for launch in early 2019, and we hope to follow that up with more payloads, including the possibility of returning the sub-payloads at the end of testing.

Where Bartolomeo is a response to a demand for access to vacuum and microgravity conditions in low Earth orbit at competitive market prices for major clients, Airbus and Neumann Space recognise that there’s also a demand for smaller, more affordable payloads. FAST:Bartolomeo is the answer.

Therefore Airbus will be on contract to handle shipping, power, communications down from the ISS, and we will assemble a joint payload with other small ventures, filling a gap in the current market. If you have a 1kg to 50kg payload that you want to have sent to live in vacuum for up to twelve months, we can make it happen. This is an excellent way to get a part, a component, or an assembly ‘flight history’ – proof that it will function in space.

Unlike some competitors in the space small package business, we won’t charge you extra because you are based outside a particular country, or are a for-profit business. Our pricing starts at AUD$70,000 per kilo, depending on your needs.

If you’ve got special requirements, talk to us and we’ll do what we can for you.

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