About FAST:Bartolomeo:

FAST:Bartolomeo is our Facility for Australian Space Testing, which is our ‘All-In-One Mission Service’ for payloads of less than 60 kg. The FAST:Bartolomeo payload will be installed onto the Airbus DS Bartolomeo platform on the International Space Station (ISS), providing access to space for a 12-month period. With this service, our customers can save up to 50% of the costs compared to commercial satellite LEO missions, enabling missions that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

What this service covers:

  • Assistance with ensuring that your payload(s) meet flight requirements. However it is your responsibility to conduct payload verification to ensure it meets all relevant ISS and space safety standards.
  • Integration of your payload into the FAST:Bartolomeo payload, connecting it to the box’s power and data supply systems.
  • Transportation of the assembled FAST:Bartolomeo payload to Airbus DS for launch.
  • Installation on the ISS with 12 months of power and data.
  • Disposal of the payload in Earth’s atmosphere.

Key advantages of FAST:Bartolomeo:

  • Lower the cost and complexity of space-proving new technology by an order of magnitude.
  • Improve the value of your products by bringing the technology readiness level (TRL) from 4 to potentially 7 with space verification.
  • Ease of access and cheaper access to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Base Payload Box Specifications:

  • FAST:Bartolomeo payload has a maximum geometric envelope of 1000 x 830 x 640mm as it must be able to fit within the primary ISS airlock; payloads are not constrained to stick to within this envelope post-installation onto the Bartolomeo platform. If you wish to extend structures from your payload during on-orbit operations, that can be accommodated.
  • The maximum gross total mass of the Bartolomeo payload is 125kg.
  • Up to 250W of power is available from the ISS.
  • Up to 120V is available, with 5, 12 and 24 VDC connections available for use.
  • Communications allow for up to 100 Mbit/s downlink via an ethernet connection to the payload.
  • Your payload must meet the safety requirements up set by Airbus DS’ latest documentation.
  • Payloads can view Space (‘Zenith’), Earth (‘Nadir’), perpendicular to Zenith and Nadir (‘Limb’), or even directly ahead of the ISS (Ram).
  • Pointing stabilisation is provided by the ISS so that it is optimised for and will always point in those directions.
  • We offer flexible payload sizes between 1 and 59kg.
  • The FAST:Bartolomeo payload will be in a pressurised transport to the ISS.
  • The payload will be installed onto the Bartolomeo platform by robotic arm.
  • Frequent access to ISS with commercial resupply service flights. The
    Airbus DS Bartolomeo service enables short mission lead times of 12 – 18 months

Additional Facts:

  • For safety reasons, Astronauts will not be allowed access into the FAST:Bartolomeo payload.
  • At this stage, payloads will have to provide own active heating and cooling if required.

The FAST:Bartolomeo lifecycle:

  1. Fill out the expression of interest form to give us an idea of your preliminary payload requirements.
  2. Sign a contract with a 15% deposit to lock-in placement on the payload and the terms of payment.
  3. Design your payload according to the your desired and the required specifications.
  4. Build the project and put it through safety testing to meet all appropriate safety requirements.
  5. Hand over the project for integration into the FAST Bartolomeo Box by the end of June/July 2018.
  6. We then integrate your project into the system and send it to Airbus DS in late 2018.
  7. Your project will launch in mid-2019 and you start receiving data when it has been successfully installed onto the ISS.

Pricing starts from AUD$70,000/kg. Each kg ensures 1% of available services will be provided. If your payload requires anything outside of the percentage allocated to it, it may be available subject to negotiation.


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