Get involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved. Have a look at the list below, and then Contact Us to let us know what you can do.


We’ve closed our Friends and Family round of investment, but we are looking into our next round of funding soon. If you are interested, get in contact with us and we can talk.

Buying a Neumann Drive (or license)

We’re not ready to sell actual Drives yet, but if you’d like to buy an early-bird license, talk to us and we’ll see what we can do. Our educational/research licenses are extremely cheap, in order for you all to have fun, and also to confirm that our science checks out. See the details (including contact info) on our Legals and Licensing page.

Building a Neumann Drive

We will be providing Educational/research-licenses at extremely low rates – if you’d like to try out our tech and see if it works yourself, see the details (including contact info) on our Legals and Licensing page.


We’re always interested in hearing from companies willing to partner with us.

Kerbal Space Program

We love KSP. If you know how to program in a new module, we’d love you if you help us build a model of our new rocket for KSP users to try out.


We have several ideas for neat kickstarters that would help fund other projects using our tech. If you have an interest in running a kickstarter project, we’d love to help you help us to run one.

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