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Published 17/09/2015
Honi Soit – University of Sydney Student Smashes NASA Record for Fuel Efficiency; “Mars and Back on a Tank of Fuel”

Published 18/09/2015
Science Alert – An Australian Student has reportedly smashed NASA’s fuel efficiency record
Physics-Astronomy  –  Australian PhD student’s ion space drive reportedly beats NASA’s fuel efficiency record

Published 19/09/2015
RT – Australian student’s ion space drive reportedly beats NASA’s fuel efficiency record

Published 21/09/2015
IFLScience –  Insanely Fuel Efficient Engine Could Go To Mars And Back On One Tank Of Fuel
BizTek Mojo – Ion Space Drive Developed by an Australian Student Breaks NASA’s Fuel Efficiency Record

Published 22/09/2015
Business Insider Australia – An Australian uni student says he’s smashed a NASA record for spacecraft propulsion
TechWorm – Australian student smashes NASA’s fuel efficiency record with ‘Ion Space Drive’

Published 23/09/2015
Tech Times – To Mars And Back On One Fuel Tank: University Student Beats NASA Fuel-Efficiency Record

Published 24/09/2015
Gizmag – Researcher’s experimental ion drive outperforms NASA’s HiPEP engine

Published 25/09/2015
Tech Xplore – Ion space drive is said to break fuel efficiency record
Digital Trends – New ion engine is so efficient that it could go to Mars and back on a single tank of fuel

Published 26/09/2015
DR DK –  Studenter-bygget ion-motor kan udfordre NASA

Published 28/09/2015
Mother Nature Network – Student invents ion thruster that breaks NASA’s fuel efficiency record
Scott Adams’ Top Tech Blog – Top Tech #145: Painting Robot, Ring Tests STDs, Ion Engine To Mars

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