Our Team

Dr. Paddy Neumann

Dr. Patrick ‘Paddy’ Neumann

Chief Scientist and Founder
Paddy studied aerospace engineering and physics as an undergraduate, which is where he first started working with electric propulsion systems. During his honours, masters and doctoral work he has refined the system he inherited, from a system optimised for the study of thin film deposition to one that serves as a testbed for thruster prototypes.In addition to developing a thruster that can open up the inner system to solar electric propulsion, he also enjoys brewing, costuming and the study of history.


Laura Lawrence

Laura Lawrence

Laura is the oddly-shaped cog of the company, dealing with admin, publicity/social media, and generally ‘making the trains run on time’. With the ability to fluently speak multiple languages and just under a decade’s worth of administrative experience behind her, she does not at all resemble a dictatorship. In her spare time, she’s a crafter, an avid gamer, and is learning medieval sword fighting.


Taryn East

Taryn East

CTO, Director
Taryn is our CTO, one of our directors, and all-round IT Guru, who has forgotten more about Ruby than you will ever know. She also brews amazing mead, which she occasionally shares with her co-workers.


Nothing to see here officer

Thomas ‘Green Tom’ Green

Thomas is a policy and research analyst for Neumann Space and is currently a PhD candidate researching the regulation and enforcement of new technologies. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys hiking, listening to podcasts, and spending time with his family.



Monika ‘Momo’ Stankiewicz

Marketing and Product Development
Monika brings project and business experience from her background in Architectural Design with the University of Adelaide and Business Graduate Program with Austral Bricks. When not enforcing paperwork to ECSS standards, she spends her spare time medieval fencing, binge watching Netflix shows and completing her Masters in Architecture so she can design space hotels and planetary colonies.


Thomas ‘Red Tom’ Cullum

Lab Engineer
Tom designs, builds and tests the many systems that are under development in the lab with an engineering honours degree in Mechatronics. Tom is also known to begrudgingly do the resulting paperwork. As a member of the Mars Society, Tom has competed internationally to design manned missions to Mars and was a finalist in the Gemini Mars Design Competition in 2016. When he isn’t designing space missions he spends his time playing video games and practicing armoured sword play in the Society of Creative Anachronism.


Don't Call Him Ollie

Oliver Grenfell

Lab Engineer
Oliver designs mechanical systems as well as the verification and validation testing methodology for components and systems at Neumann Space. Oliver graduated from the University of Adelaide with 1st class honours. In his spare time, Oliver can often be found actively volunteering with the Basket Range CFS. Having also completed music studies at the University of Adelaide, he maintains his varied instrumental music interests and enjoys being part of the University of Adelaide Chorale.


Anwyn Davies

Media Officer
Anwyn is the Arts cuckoo in the Engineering nest, responsible for our copy, audio-visual and digital media. After spending her 20s and 30s wandering the world and working in various industries, she eventually earned a B.A. in Creative Writing and English. She decided copywriting and creative media content provision is the ideal way to earn a living while she works out which of the six Great Australian Novels she is writing to finish first. She is owned by a small Siamese cat, who has ungraciously permitted her to share their home with two retired greyhounds.


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