Customer requirement for a satellite propulsion system: “Can be shipped by FedEx (fuelled if possible)”. Well, we demonstrated that by hand-carrying a fully operational, fully fuelled (solid metallic propellant, in this case Molybdenum) Neumann Space propulsion system to the U.S. where it was on display at the Colorado Space Symposium and then brought it back to Australia, boarding 6 planes and going through 5 airports. Back to the office, the system went back into one of our vacuum chambers and kept firing with no problem! That’s a robust system meeting our customer requirement. Well done to our engineering team! The flight model is now ready for integration into the Inovor Technologies platform as part of the SpIRIT mission. #Jobwelldone #electricpropulsion #safepropulsion #simplelogistics #AustralianSpaceIndustry Australian Space Agency @teamdefenceaustralia Melbourne Space Laboratory ADISCA

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