The Science Behind the Neumann Drive

“Fuelling the Future”
We’ve built a brand new kind of ion engine (that’s a kind of rocket), that has just broken the world record for specific impuls

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Neumann Space

The science

The Neumann Drive is a revolutionary, patented solar-electric ion drive. It uses a pulsed cathodic arc technology, paired with a solid fuel rod, which generates more specific impulse than NASA’s HIPEP thruster. The Neumann Drive can run on a variety of solid metallic fuels, the exact makeup of which varies the amount of thrust and specific impulse generated. This means that the Neumann Drive can run on nearly any metal likely to be found in asteroids, as well as on sintered-down space junk. So not only can you go further with a Neumann Drive, but you can refuel with whatever you find when you get there.

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