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Neumann Space has a highly-skilled team with backgrounds in business, science and engineering.

NeumannSpace Team


Herve Astier Headshot


Herve Astier

Herve Astier joined Neumann Space in 2019 after a successful 20-year international career working in global project management, product development, business development and marketing for advanced US technology companies. He then spent several years in Government helping early-stage start-ups to access initial funding and pursue commercialisation.

Since joining Neumann Space, Herve has worked to elevate the business from low TRL experimentation in a garage to a highly respected company boasting an exceptional team which has developed a unique technology that is now space-ready.

Herve holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and an Executive MBA (international Business). He is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Defence Industry Leadership Program, the Harvard Business School Launching New Ventures program and the International Space University Executive Space Course.

Dr Patrick 'Paddy' Neumann Headshot

Chief Scientist

Dr Patrick ‘Paddy’ Neumann

Dr Patrick “Paddy” Neumann is an internationally-recognised expert in plasma physics and propulsion. Paddy founded Neumann Space in 2015 to develop and commercialise his research in pulsed cathodic arc spacecraft propulsion systems at the University of Sydney.

Paddy holds Bachelor’s degrees in Science (Physics Major) and Engineering (with Honours in Aerospace Engineering), a Master’s degree in Science and is a Doctor of Philosophy. He is also an active senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and a member of the AIAA Electric Propulsion Technical Committee.

In 2020, Paddy received the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics coveted Lawrence Sperry Award “for continued development of miniature electric spacecraft propulsion systems and ceaseless advocacy for the development of Australian space capabilities”. In 2022, Paddy was named Australian Scientist of the Year at the Australian Space Awards.

Andy Warr Headshot

Engineering Program Manager

Andy Warr

Andy Warr joined the team as an engineer in 2020 and was rapidly promoted to lead all of the
engineering projects at Neumann Space.

Andy holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Cardiff and spent 30 years working in competitive sports engineering departments worldwide (mostly motor racing and cycling), driving teams to achieve world championship-level results with innovative technologies in very fast-paced environments with unmovable deadlines! Andy has a unique ability to stay calm under pressure, build the best team and get the best results.

If you tell Andy to make it fly, he will!

Hamza Baig Headshot

Business Development Manager

Hamza Baig

Hamza is leading Neumann Space’s Assembly, Integration & Testing and Business Development activities. His space industry experience spans more than 12 years working at various technical and commercial roles. Hamza has worked on multiple satellite procurement projects with Airbus D&S, Thales and Lockheed Martin.

The Board

Peter Schultz

Peter Schultz
Executive Chairman

Ph: +61 411 112 946

James Schultz

James Schultz

Dr Patrick 'Paddy' Neumann Headshot

Dr Paddy Neumann
Chief Scientist

Chris Ahern

Chris Ahern