“I love the team at Neumann Space, and the project ownership we have.”

James has always had a passion for Space, but never thought a career in the Space industry was possible in Australia.  That was until he attended the Aerospace Futures Conference.  After the conference he started studying astrophysics and pursuing a career in Space.

He holds a double degree at Monash University (Science and Applied Maths) and a Certificate 4 in Applied Manufacturing at TAFE.

James completed an internship at the German Aerospace Centre’s (DLR), Institute of Combustion Dynamics where he worked with a small team to analyse instabilities inside combustion chambers for rocket engines. He was also part of the team who built a hybrid rocket engine for Monash High Powered Rocketry and a part of Monash Nova Rover where he and the team competed in Utah at the University Rover Challenge, USA in 2019. Earth to Mars: Monash team takes on world’s best in rover challenge – Monash University

James is a Mechanical and Thermal Engineer at Neumann Space and is completing a Graduate Diploma of Engineering Management. A critical member of our team in creating the Neumann Drive®, leading elements of the projects and mentoring interns. He’s brilliant and generous with his knowledge.

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