Neumann Space Propulsion System reaches key technology readiness milestone for upcoming flight on the SpIRIT satellite

Neumann Space, an Adelaide-based company developing sovereign Australian in-space electric propulsion capabilities, is pleased to report significant progress in the development of a payload for the SpIRIT (Space Industry – Responsive – Intelligent – Thermal) satellite.

The Neumann Space propulsion system first in-orbit demonstration will take place on-board the SpIRIT mission, led by the University of Melbourne, in cooperation with the Italian Space Agency and in partnership with Inovor Technologies, Nova Systems and Sitael Australia, with funding from the Australian Government, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources as part of the Australian Space Agency International Space Investment (ISI) – Expand Capability program.

Last week, Neumann Space passed an important milestone with our SpIRIT Engineering Qualification Model (EQM) successfully completing its operation tests in vacuum.

Neumann Space used a step-by-step systems engineering approach to develop a fully integrated electric propulsion system, which includes the Thruster Unit (TU), Power Processing Unit (PPU) and Thrust Measurement Unit (TMU). As a result, the Engineering Qualification Model (EQM) is operating in-vacuum as per the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) defined with the University of Melbourne for the SpIRIT mission.

The Neumann Space system, a patented pulsed plasma thruster using solid metallic propellant as fuel, is a unique and scalable solution for in-space mobility missions for satellites and spacecraft.

We are very proud of our engineering staff whose work and commitment made this Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 milestone a success.

We will now continue our environmental test campaign as we progress through final integration and system level tests with our mission partners, aiming for flight acceptance and launch in the coming months.

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