Defence Science and Technology (DST) and Neumann Space have signed a collaborative Research and Development agreement to measure the performance of the Neumann Drive Thruster System.

The Neumann Drive is an electric in-space propulsion system initially designed for small satellites (Cubesats) allowing them to fulfil all requirements for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) mission profiles such as extending mission lifetimes, station keeping, orbital manoeuvre, constellation phasing, de-orbiting and more.

This new scalable system is a lightweight solar-electric ion thruster. It uses Neumann Space’s unique technology to convert a solid metal fuel rod into plasma and produce thrust. The system can use a range of conductive fuels giving a level of control over propulsion performance like never seen before

DST will develop the measuring instruments (thrust balance) to allow Neumann Space to perform critical performance evaluation tests for their thruster system. The collaboration will result in Neumann Space accelerating their product development, as the performance measurements will inform the system design for specific missions.

This is the first agreement between Neumann Space and DST. It is an important milestone for the company as it demonstrates interest in the potential of the technology for Defence applications.

For further information contact Mr Herve Astier, Chief Operating Officer, Neumann Space on 0406 801 550

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