Neumann Space is excited to be part of the team, under the University of Melbourne, which today was awarded a $3.95 million grant to develop cutting edge space capabilities in Australia.

The funding, provided via the Australian Space Agency’s International Space Investment: Expand Capability grant opportunity will allow to build a small satellite – called SpIRIT (Space Industry – Responsive – Intelligent – Thermal) – to be launched in space in 2022.

The Neumann Space thruster will be on-board! This is our first mission to be announced.

SpIRIT is a partnership between the University of Melbourne’s Physics and Engineering Schools, Sitael Australia, Inovor Technologies, Neumann Space, and Nova Systems, with support from the Italian and United Kingdom Space Agencies (UK in an advisory role).

The SpIRIT mission will be a 6U demonstrator cubesat carrying an X-ray detector provided by the Italian Space Agency and innovative Australian-made technologies including sophisticated on-board computers and radios, and our miniaturised electric propulsion system.

This unique collaboration will allow to showcase what the Australian industry partners and researchers can do and open new doors and access new markets with our international space agencies partners.

To view the press release from The Hon Karen Andrews MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, click here.

To view the University of Melbourne’s press release, click here.

For further information, contact Herve Astier on +61 (0)406 801 550.


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