Neumann Space secures two new in-orbit demonstration missions with Skykraft including one with CisLunar Industries in-vacuum recycled Aluminium propellant

Neumann Space, an Australian-owned and operated space technology company, specialists in Electric Propulsion for satellites and spacecraft, is pleased to announce that the Neumann Space Electric Propulsion System will fly with Skykraft as part of its Skyride program.

The agreement will allow Neumann Space to get flight heritage for two variations of its innovative Pulsed Cathodic Arc Thruster (PCAT), using two different propellants.

The patented Plasma Propulsion System from Neumann Space is an efficient, solid state and scalable Electric Propulsion System using solid conductive metallic propellants, which offers significant advantages from manufacturing and logistics to launch and operations.

In a world first, Neumann Space intends to on-board an Al 6061 fuel rod melted and cast in vacuum by our U.S. partner CisLunar Industries. After successful tests conducted in October 2021, this will be the next step to proving in-space recycled metal can be used as fuel – A demonstration which will allow us to continue our journey towards in-space recycling/servicing and In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) with CisLunar Industries while they continue to develop their in-space metal processing capabilities with the support from NASA.

The Neumann Space team is excited about this new development as we remain focused on our mission to offer off-the-shelf, safe and easy to integrate subsystems to satellite integrators and efficient on-demand electric propulsion to satellite operators. Enabling spacecraft mobility around the Earth and beyond is a critical capability for space missions in what is quickly becoming a highly strategic and contested environment – Doing so using in-space recycled materials will offer an all-new market to Neumann Space and unsurpassed capabilities to our customers and partners.

For further information, please contact Herve Astier, Chief Executive Officer, Neumann Space at

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